Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sim_Moore Update! TS4 Coming Soon!

Hello to all my Simmers out there! Sim_Moore is back and my page will feature new items, news and info soon. Sorry for the wait, to those of you who have been visiting my page faithfully. I've gotten over 61,000 page views! You guys are truly awesome. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! I know you're out there!

Aside from taking a break from the blog, I've been truly excited about The Sims 4. It's 2 months away and I cannot wait to get my hands on this game. I can only imagine the types of mods & Sims creators will be making for this game. I haven't even played it yet, but I can hardly wait.

I will still continue to feature Sims 3 items for a short while, but once TS4 drops I will be converting my page over to TS4 stuff only. What's the point of living the past, ya? TS3 was fun, but I've been over it for some time now with the pudding-like, generic face & glitches galore. Good riddance!

Stick around for more of my rants, more Sim stuff and whatever I decide to bring to this page!

- XOXO, Sim_Moore

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