Saturday, October 12, 2013

Updates Coming Soon... + Info

Although this blog was originally created for me and a few of my Simming buddies, I'm happy I've been able to help other Simmers in there quests for CC and other mods.

And I know some creators get bent out of shape about 3rd party sites posting direct links to their downloads but you know what... Some of you die, some of you erase your pages and sometimes your website gets shut down all together (Yes, I'm talking about you Garden of Shadows!) and the rest of us are stuck trying to locate the things you've created! (That means you too, Heiret!)

I think it's fair enough to say the only remedy for this conundrum is to post a reference link to your website and a direct link to your downloads in the event something terrible happens to you or your hosting page. (Like what happened with Tum Tum Similiono).

And hey, at least I'm, not taking credit for other people's creations! (Isn't that right PralineSims?)

- Happy Simming

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