Sunday, September 22, 2013

What Happened to Tum-Tum Simiolino? Part 2

After a year on hiatus, Sims 3 artist Tum-Tum Similiono (or TTS) gives us an update on his situation in Brazil -- FINALLY!

 One year after his break from his My Blue Book blog he says he tried to start creating/playing again but had missed so much Sims news and updates that he became overwhelmed and disorganized... (>.<) what a bummer! He's so talented!

Tum-Tum hasn't played in over a year and is completely focused on his college studies and fortunately his father did NOT have a second wife and family. His original post was deleted per his mother's wishes and he will start creating again once The Sims 4 is released... GOOD FOR YOU TUM-TUM! WE'RE ROOTING FOR YOU!

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