Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Happened to Heiret?


Heiret was a celebrated Sims 3 creator whose blog featured a unique blend of anime and urban style mods. I had honestly no idea who Heiret was until I came across her chin-to-neck slider a little while ago.

More importantly, after doing a recent search for cat-like items for my Sims 3 game (I am currently involved in a Sims 3 modeling competition) I found just how impressive Heiret's work really was.

I can't say for sure what happened to this dear creator, but fortunately I can say I have found a cache file with her entire catalog of items! I hope you all will experiment and enjoy.

If you'd like to SUBMIT pictures of your Sims using Heiret's mods please feel free to comment and contact me and I'll gladly post them here. Heiret's files are available after the jump!

Happy Simming everyone!

This is a .rar file that requires 7-Zip to open
This file contains .package files

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  1. oh thankies! I think you must post about Sasha J too lol.


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