Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Happened to Tum-Tum Similiono?

[thumb.png]Tum-Tum Similiono (or TTS) has been one of the premiere Sims 3 artists, roughly since the game's debut. He has produced some popular poses, hair retextures, conversions and accessories from his blog My Blue Book.

(TTS is also friends with another Sims 3 artist/creator Anubis).
I remember stumbling across his blog some time ago, because of the abundance of male hairs that he had created. Needless to say, I marveled at his work and I still use most of his mods in my game today. My Blue Book was a Sims 3 haven for great mods. His updates were frequent, professional and always thorough. 

However, at the end of late last year a series of problems started occurring for this beloved creator: He started updating less frequently, his motherboard burned out and most devastating of all he "discovered his father had a family in another place". All of this is explained in greater detail on his blog.

I hope one day soon TTS will get back in the habit of creating. I truly do adore his work.

Best wishes to you Tum-Tum from Gourmet Sims 'X'!!!

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